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  • Premium local business WordPress themes
  • Reseller webhosting
  • Text messaging and telephony tools
  • Video messaging tool
  • HTML5 platform for creating local business websites
  • & much more


The Resellers Toolbox is a membership site where you can use high-value tools to scale your cashflow through helping local businesses

  • Founder Members have a unique opportunity to access all these tools for a one-time fee
  • Founder members will be limited to the first 10 buyers, after which the more expensive tools will be part of an upgrade offer.
  • After 20 total purchases, the pricing model will change to a higher annual investment for both the main & upgrade offers (with monthly options available for both)
  • Monthly members will be able to access the tools over time (3 being released per month)

One Payment of Just $997 $197


1 – HTML5 Web Page Builder ($97/yr Value)

Design & build mobile-friendly & fast-loading HTML5 Landing Pages & complete websites with xPageBuilder. Additional features include:
* Contacts Forms to popular autoresponders
* Quickly Clone entire websites
* Drag & Drop WYSIWYG editor for rapid development
* Access to actual site code if desired
* Download sites locally
* FTP upload to live domain instantly

2 – Security Dashboad – Monitor clients websites ($47/yr Value)

Protect client websites from attack with this advanced Web Application Firewall. Additional features include:
* Customize protection levels
* Get notified when a site is under attack
* Ban IP addresses
* View visitor IP addresses and page access
* Redirect banned IPs

3 – Connect Pro Callback ($47/yr Value)

Capture Hot Phone Leads for your clients using Connect Pro Callback. Additional features include:
* Floating click-to-call icon stays on page
* Capture email & name information from hot leads
* Works in many countries supported by Twilio.com
* Back-end client platform for lead management

4 – DialCaller Pro: Local Business Telephony ($97/yr Value)

Capture Hot Phone Leads for your clients using Connect Pro Callback. Additional features include:
* Floating click-to-call icon stays on page
* Capture email & name information from hot leads
* Works in many countries supported by Twilio.com
* Back-end client platform for lead management

5 – SMS Bot: Automated & 2-way text messaging service ($197/yr Value)

Capture Hot Text Leads for your clients using SMSBot. Additional features include:
* Keyword-based interactive messaging
* Web-form opt-in option
* Capture email & name information from hot leads
* Broadcast & Schedule messages to existing leads
* Works in many countries supported by Twilio.com
* 2-Way real-time web-texting feature so your clients can interact with leads
* Export conversations to CSV

6 – Video Chat Platform ($47/yr Value)

Create prospecting videos using VidMSG, track opens & more. Additional features include:
* Create videos straight from your webcam
* Upload video from other apps, or even your smartphone 
* Send your videos via email & text
* Schedule your video message or broadcast immediately
* Unique weblink & landing page created with each message
* Customizable Call to Action button beneath video
* Create a library of ready-to-use videos and static images
* Brand your video messages & emails with your photo & email signature


7 – PostMyTweet ($47/yr Value)

Create and schedule Tweets for multiple Twitter accounts from one dashboard. Additional features include:
* Send text, image or video-based Tweets
* Manage unlimited Twitter accounts
* Automated Follow & Un-follow feature 
* Search Twitter via keywords
* Export successful Tweets & Search results

8 – WordPress chatbots ($97/yr Value)

Engage with website visitors on auto-pilot. Additional features include:
* Branding customizations to match client’s website
* FAQ builder
* Notification builder – get notified when prospects engage with myChatBot
* Integration with Dialogue Flow – IBM’s natural language processing engine
* Integrate with multiple tools: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and more
* Live Chat option for third party chat software
* Filter out bad words
* Retargeting options
* Export Lead details to CSV
* Business Hours
* Custom CSS

9 – Powersign: Document Signing OTO1 ($197/yr Value)

Electronically sign documents, create templates and groups. Additional features include:
* Add Your own Team With Custom Permissions
* Upload Your Documents: PDF, Word, Excel & PPT
* Super Powerful Document Editor – enables real-time editing
* Request Signature From Customer OR Guest
* Add custom Message
* Automated Reminders
* Transactional Emails Automation
* Multi Signature Requests
* Protect Files
* Replace Docs
* Upload PDF, PPT, .DOC & Excel
* Built In Customer Management
* Guest Signature
* The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA)
* National Commerce Act (ESIGN Act)

10 – WordPress Sites for Local Business OTO1 ($497/yr Value)

Over 80 WordPress Local Business Websites. Additional features include:
* Clone & customize existing sites for local businesses 
* Premium Theme Frameworks included (Divi, Elementor & More)
* Additional premium plugins & themes included with wptoolkit plugin (worth $197/yr alone)
* Export completed sites to your own hosting, or use the hosting provided with The Resellers’ Toolbox
* Premium backup plugin for offsite scheduled backups (via FTP or BackBlaze)
* Over a dozen complete websites, including content

11 -Web Hosting OTO 1 ($197/yr Value)

Unlimited Cpanel hosting. Additional features include:
* Daily cpanel backups
* Letsencrypt certificates
* No storage limits on websites, domains, emails or databases
* Softaculous software installer
* US & UK/EU cpanel included
* Spam filtering through BoxTrapper tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Resellers Toolbox?

Simply put: a membership site where you can access a number of software tools that can be used to help local businesses grow (& you get paid in the process).

Why was it created?

Three main reasons: 1) it’s a way of organising a lot of the tools that I currently use in my business; 2), since starting in business over a decade ago, I realised that the power of the mastermind is where real business growth & opportunity happens, and 3), The Resellers Toolbox is an obvious home for a tech-geek 🙂

Who created the Resellers Toolbox?

Dez Futak is the creator of the membership site.

Where can I ask my question?

If you have a question that hasn’t be answered, please go ahead & create a support ticket here.

What Tools Can I resell to local businesses?

Every tool in the toolbox can be used to help local businesses, and you can sell each one which ever way best serves you & your clients: on a monthly recurring revenue model, loss-leader, or as part of an offer to close a bigger deal. The choice is yours.

How do I purchase?

How much is it?

After the founder’s pre-launch & initial launch, the Resellers Toolbox will be $197/year for the front-end (or $19.95/month if someone wants to , and $197/year for OTO1

Will you be adding more tools?

Over time yes – as the membership grows, it will release more buying power so I can more tools to the platform.


I have know Dez for several years now. He is a sharp and skilled Internet Marketer. I highly recommend him for any of your Internet and Social Media Marketing needs.


James Hickey

Digital and Social Media Marketing Consultant, San Diego USA

Dez is one in a million….endlessly patient, brilliantly skilled, super responsive and just exactly the sort of support and help that a small business needs when navigating the world of technology! And he’s funny too, makes us laugh while solving our IT issues and helping us with web build and so on… Just great! Highly recommend Dez to all.


Liz Gadd

Expert recruiter in marketing, PR, comms and digital, UK

I have worked with Dez on a ongoing basis, he has some great products & services. His support has always been very helpful and insightful in getting you to see the full picture. His advice and recommendations are always invaluable.


Zahid Y

Web Developer & lead consultant, Newcastle, UK

Dez is dedicated and thorough with his work, and always cheerful, friendly and helpful. Recommended to work with!


Lorna Pointon

Web Developer Bristol, UK

Dez has helped us immensely with our online marketing at every step of the way in our business. We have now developed a close relationship and continue to work with Dez for all our online marketing needs. He has strong expertise in the field and goes beyond the call of duty to help our company succeed.


Ollie Prince

Commercial Director & Film Producer, London, UK

Dez has helped push our business to the position it is at today. He understands embraces our goals with enthusiasm. He often comes to us with new ideas of how to progress and grow and is more than happy to go the extra mile when providing his service.


Daniel Higginson

Creative Director at Clockwise Media
Bristol, UK

Dez has been fantastic in providing both technical and marketing support for me both as a Freelance Journalist and for Ben Clatworthy Productions. His knowledge of the web, blogging and social media is outstanding and this has enabled us to create the best possible results with my website.


Ben Clatworthy

News and travel journalist at The Times
London, Greater London, UK


Ten marketing and web-development tools (& counting!) that you can help close deals, create offers, and help your clients establish & grow their businesses.


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Join The Resellers Toolbox (Founders Edition) & Get Access to 10 High-Value Digital Marketing Tools for the Price of One!

One Payment of Just $997 $197


The Resellers Toolbox is designed to provide you with many of the tools you’ll need in helping local businesses – these additional essential training courses will give you some deeper insights on how you can best create offers, provide scalable solutions and become the go-to local business marketer for any town or region.


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